The « Lymphobionie » concept

The “Lymphobionie” concept uses the symbiosis of 3 techniques :

  • electrical currents that are similar to the magnetic fields of the human body.
  • the chemical elements that are useful and necessary for cell reconstruction.
  • lymphatic drainage which improves cellular exchanges by restarting lymphatic circulation and revitalizing water in the body.

The electrical currents generated by the Lymphobionie L300 machine, combined with the use of two Lymphiris products, reinforce the chemical effects of the products. Without the use of these products, the machine does not have the same use and loses its efficiency.

The Lymphobionie L300 machine is also completed by various processes (such as laser or chromotherapy) in order to provide the beautician, in a single machine, with all the existing processes. Thus, it performs 4 functions : vibratory detoxification, exfoliation, vibratory toning and chromotherapy.

The use of the Lymphobionie L300 machine and LYMPHIRIS products associated with lymphatic drainage restores the permeability of cell membranes, removes waste and toxins and promotes the vital autonomy of cells by providing them with better nutrition. Thus, the skin is restructured, plumped, firmed and remodelled, tissues are decongested and regenerated, collagen and elastin in the dermis are oxygenated and stimulated.

Machine Lymphobionie L300

The results

face treatment before / after

LYMPHOBIONIE L300 is a process patented by LYMPHIRIS. Only professionals, equipped with the Lymphobionie L300 machine and trained in this technology, can provide this unique aesthetic treatment that requires specific know-how.