The company

LYMPHIRIS was found in 2000 by Sylvie BORDELLIER. The brand manufactures and distributes natural cosmetic products to beauty professionals and individuals (beauty salon customers and others).

The products marketed are :

  • 100 % natural
  • manufactured in a French laboratory
  • certified by a pharmacological laboratory that has confirmed the validity of the products after several weeks of use.

LYMPHIRIS products have given proof of their quality and high efficiency over the years and are appreciated for that reason.

Experience at the service of beauty

In 1978, Sylvie Bordellier began her career as a beautician by creating her first beauty salon. Due to her training and knowledge acquired through her experience in the field, Sylvie was not very satisfied with the cosmetic products and machines she was using. Besides, the facial and body treatments she provided did not either, on their own, allow her to obtain the results she wanted. That’s why she started working with a pharmacist and quickly acquired sufficient skills to develop her own products and test them on herself. She thus developed a range of products dedicated to beauticians and their customers.

 At the same time, to increase the efficiency of her products, she studied the ionic effects with the help of an electronic engineer.

After in-depth research work and a lot of passion, Sylvie created LYMPHIRIS in order to achieve her dream « bringing skin tissues back to life ». The result is the design of the Lymphobionie L300 machine and a range of products, face and body, 100% natural.

Over the past 20 years, Sylvie has trained beauticians in lymphatic drainage and the use of the Lymphobionie L300 machine and LYMPHIRIS products.

A few words from Sylvie BORDELLIER :

“40 years of experience and research in the service of beauty have enabled me to create this totally innovative concept, challenging the traditional approach to aesthetic care. I wanted it to meet our professional requirements and the wishes of a better informed clientele, always looking for the exceptional, the new. My total investment over the past 20 years has been to define the best way to bring tissues back to life, by reactivating cell physics and chemistry through the lymphatic revival of the environment… I have therefore used three techniques whose symbiosis guarantees immediately visible, evolutive and lasting results.”

Sylvie bordellier