Sili C Gel

Sili C Gel

Serum of life

This gel, restructuring and cellular restorative, instantly calms and restores aged, deficient, irritated and inflamed tissues.
Ideal after sun exposure.
To be used daily in LYMPHIRIS care base.



The association of organic silicon with vitamin C restores the polarity of the damaged cells, thereby slowing cell degeneration and restoring the intracellular balance. Royal jelly extract, a real cocktail of nutritive and fortifying elements, stimulates collagen synthesis and skin regeneration.The new formula of Sili C Gel is enriched with a complex of natural sugar derivatives. This ingredient acts on the driest, wrinkled, dehydrated, irritated skin by the three natural mechanisms of hydration :
  • it limits water loss thanks to a barrier function that is improved and reinforced (anti-dehydration power)
  • it increases the water reserves (skin masters its own hydration reserves)
  • it improves the circulation of water within throughout all layers of the skin, up to the surface.
Skin is visibly moisturized, immediately and all the time, from the first application. The results are visible immediately. Skin is restructured, stronger, stretched, lightened, smoothed and softer.

Sili C Gel is a powerful anti-aging and antioxidant. It repairs and reconstitutes the damaged tissues.
Its anti-inflammatory effect is ideal for treating minor skin irritations or acne.
Its vasoconstrictor properties are surprisingly effective on rosacea and any kind of redness.

How to use

Apply, morning and evening, on a perfectly cleansed skin, alone or as a basis for any other treatment (day or night cream, serum …).

On stretch marks, pigment spots, rosacea, acne, wrinkled, released or irritated parts, massage steadily.

Combined with other products, SILI C GEL, a vector of invigorating elements, increases tenfold the action of their active ingredients.

Ideal after exposure to the sun, a burn, an insect bite.


  • Organic silicon : extremely charged with positive and negative ions, this molecule migrates to damaged cells to rebalance them electrically. It restores the polarity of the cells by releasing positive or negative ions, as the case may be. The cells are thus repaired and rebuilt.

Organic silicon is a powerful anti-wrinkle agent : it restructures elastin and collagen fibers. It regenerates subcutaneous tissues : scars, wrinkles, acne. It has an anti-inflammatory and calming action, optimally reducing allergic skin reactions. It has an incomparable effectiveness on the reconstitution of damaged, aged and released tissues. It is a pain reliever for burns, sunburn, insect bites.

  • Acerola cherry extract (vitamin C ) : the main function of vitamin C is to help the body make and maintain collagen, an essential protein that keeps the body’s cells in place (bones, teeth). It helps in the healing of wounds. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells against free radicals. It gives a more even complexion and provides tone to the skin cells for more firmness and suppleness. Vitamin C is a reducer of the signs of skin aging, it has a calming, anti-stress and anti-infective
  • Royal jelly extract : rich in essential amino acids, trace elements and vitamin B, nourishing, toning, maintaining skin hydration, revitalizing, antioxidant, soothing, purifying and sanitizing.
  • A complex of natural sugar derivatives : acts on the three natural hydration mechanisms. Restructures and hydrates the skin intensely and all the time.
  • Petitgrain Bigarade essential oil : soothing, relaxing, purifying, antiseptic, revitalizes the skin.
  • Sweet Orange essential oil : toning, moisturizing, anti-infectious, astringent, firming (restores suppleness and fluidity of the epidermis).
  • Patchouliessential oil : purifying, toning, regenerating, healing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, venous toning.
Acérola, source de vitamine C
Acerola cherry
Gelée royale, cire d'abeille
Royal jelly
Huile essentielle de Petitgrain de Bigarade
Petit grain Bigarade
Huile essentielle d'Orange Douce
Sweet Orange
Huile essentielle de Patchouli