Lymph and its role

What is lymph ?

Lymph is an organic fluid from the blood that circulates in a network parallel to the veins : the lymphatic network. It runs through the body before returning to the blood circulation via the lymphatic vessels.

Unlike blood that circulates when pushed by the heartbeat, lymph does not have a pump to facilitate its movement. It is therefore only the movements of the body and muscle contractions that ensure its circulation.

The 3 main functions of lymph :

  • Lymph ensures the transport of waste (fat, toxins, large protein molecules that the body wants to get rid) of for disposal. This drainage contributes to the detoxification of the body (drainage, purification role).
  • Lymph also has an essential role in the immune system to ensure the body’s defense. During its journey through the lymphatic network, it passes through lymph nodes. Their mission is to filter the lymph. It is in these lymph nodes that we find the white blood cells that eliminate pathogens by phagocytosis or antibody production.
  • Lymph also contributes to the circulation of nutrients and hormones essential to the body (nutritional role).

Why is it necessary to stimulate lymphatic circulation ?

Sedentary lifestyle and other factors are highly detrimental to the proper circulation of the lymph.

This is why it is essential to revitalize and stimulate the circulation of the lymph in order to:

  • improve exchanges between cells
  • promote detoxification, slimming and rejuvenation.

It is with this objective in mind that LYMPHIRIS has developed its range of products and beauty care.