Le lait pour le corps Cellumilk


Slimming and firming body lotion.

This slimming, firming and nourishing milk dissolves the superficial fatty deposits responsible for the orange peel effect.
Gradually, your silhouette is reshaped and your tissues restore their elasticity.


Enriched with sweet almond oil, slimming and anticellulite active ingredients and organic silicon, this milk activates the restructuring of the skin (stretch marks), reduces the cellulite (lipolysis action) and protects free radicals.

It completes the draining and soothing action of CELLUFLUID while dissolving superficial fatty deposits (reduces the appearance of “orange peel”) and restores elasticity and firmness to the tissues.

Its ultra-light formula penetrates easily leaving the skin soft, nourished and regenerated.

How to use

Apply by massaging upward from the arch to the waist.

  • For a specific course of treatment, apply once or twice a day.
  • For long term daily use, apply 4 to 5 times a week.


Enriched with sweet almond oil (vitamin B), essential minerals, beneficial proteins and fatty acids, organic silicon.  

Their affinity with the structural elements of the dermis allows the skin to restructure.

  • Sweet Almond oil : rich in unsaturated fatty acid; soothes and softens irritated skin; nourishes the skin and protects from drying out; softens the skin and strengthens the tissues (activates the repair of skin cells); fight against stretch marks.
  • Guarana seed extract : rich in caffeine, tones the skin, firms the tissues, reduces the appearance of orange peel, powerful antioxidant, astringent, purifying.

·       Caffeine : active slimming and anticellulite, promotes the removal of dead cells, improves the appearance of the skin.

  • Organic silicon : stimulates collagen production, maintains tissue hydration, tones and firms the skin.
  • Sweet Orange essential oil : toning, moisturizing, anti-infectious, astringent, firming (restores suppleness and fluidity of the epidermis).
  • Cinnamon essential oil : anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, purifying.
  • Chamomile extract :  soothing, softening, regenerating.  
  • Vitamin E : antioxidant, reconstructive.
  • Beeswax : protective, moisturizing, nourishing.
Sweet Almond oil
Guarana seed extract
Sweet Orange essential oil
Sweet Orange
Cinnamon essential oil
Chamomile extract